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Advantages Your publisher's advantages

High paying CPM and CPC
We are trying to keep a 99% fill rate with high paying ads for all of your traffic.
Fast Withdraw Funds
You can withdraw your funds in the same day as you earn them.
Fast Approvals
We will verify your website as soon as possible. You will start earning very soon.
Dedicate Manager
An manager will work directly with you and will help you earn big at Bitsense.

Requirements Your publisher's requirements

Alexa Rank Requirements
We are accepting websites that are bellow 1M in alexa rank.
Domain Age
We don't accept websites that are created in the last 3 months.
Content & Design
We are accepting websites that have a nice appearance and that are up to date. It's a plus if your website is mobile friendly.
Generated Traffic
Generated traffic is totally forbidden, we can't accept websites that don't have real organic traffic.